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Networking is at the Heart of CCUSJapan24

Japan CCUS Summit 2024 is tailored for key decision-makers within Japan's CCUS ecosystem, offering a range of networking opportunities designed to cultivate commercial partnerships among participants.


Full Day of Unrivalled Networking

With 350 attendees, the Japan CCUS Summit 2024 emerges as the premier event in the CCUS calendar, convening an outstanding gathering of professionals from across the globe.


Renowned for its exceptional networking opportunities, this summit provides attendees with a diverse range of functions dedicated to fostering and nurturing business partnerships.


Networking Meals & Drinks Reception

This event offers a prime opportunity for attendees to mingle with industry leaders and peers from around the globe. Enjoy an evening filled with light refreshments and stimulating conversations, paving the way for a conference dedicated to innovation and collaboration in the carbon capture industry.


1-1 Meetings 

Connect strategically at Carbon Capture Global Summit 2024 with our 1-1 Meeting Platform. Schedule face-to-face meetings in the dedicated 1-1 Meeting Lounge, fostering collaboration over two days with 500+ industry leaders. Drive advancements in carbon capture through personalized interactions – an exclusive opportunity for meaningful connections.

Cocktail Party with Awards Ceremony on Sept 2, 2024

Sustainable Night Cocktail Party

All registered delegates will enjoy great hospitality, a hot buffet luncheon, networking breaks, and the event will culminate in a cocktail party & “Sustainable Night”.

Leadership Breakfast Meeting on Two Conference Day

The breakfast meetings is designed to be enjoyable, stimulating and informative on subjects relevant to leaders in the green hydrogen sector. The meetings are designed to connect informed leaders, and after preliminary networking from 7:30am and the conversation is introduced by a keynote speaker who has 15 minutes to present and pose some provocative questions which is followed by 45 minutes or so of discussion facilitated in a highly personable style.

Event matchmaking Platform

Enhance your business network and forge new partnerships effortlessly with our 1-on-1 Meeting Platform, an intuitive matchmaking service tailored for this event.

Registration is straightforward: we'll send a link to all conference delegates two weeks prior to the event. Simply sign in, and you can schedule one-on-one meetings with speakers, delegates, and sponsors. We've got you covered for meeting spaces, as we will arrange dedicated rooms and tables for these personalized interactions.


Build your profile

Add your photo, simple introduction, social media links and more. Display what you want other to know!


Book 1-1 meetings

Select a time, send a meeting request, and receive a table number automatically.


Browse top matches

Offer you matches based on what you're looking for and what you offer. View attendees profiles that are ranked in order of relevance to you.


Manage your event schedule

Go to your calendar to manage your availability and meeting requests.

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