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[IMPACT Webinar]
Unveiling a Promising Pathway to Net-Zero:
The Creation of a Global CCUS Market

[Impact Webinar]  Unveiling a Promising Pathway to Net-Zero: The Creation of a Global CCUS Market

Date & Time: 13:30 – 15:30 UK Time, 30 April, Tuesday

Format: Digital Conference (Zoom Meeting)


With rising climate concerns, the global Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage market is rapidly expanding. Backed by strong global policies, it is projected to grow by 50%, reaching 420 million metric tons per year by 2035. As nations strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the focus has shifted from local solutions to international collaborations that can have a global impact.

The IMPACT Webinar on 30 April will provide a comprehensive overview of policies, supporting frameworks, and national incentives that are instrumental in driving the widespread adoption of CCUS technologies across diverse global markets. It will showcase pioneering CCS projects and facilitate discussions on the challenges and opportunities associated with project investment, equipping participants with the knowledge to navigate the evolving CCUS landscape.

Join us on 30 April for this engaging webinar and become part of the global movement towards a net zero future.

April 30 IMPACT Agenda:

13:30 – 13:50 | [Keynote] Global CCUS Market Overview and Future Market Prospects

13:50 – 14:10 | [Keynote] Achieving the 2040 Climate Target: The EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy

14:10 – 14:30 | [Keynote] Capturing the Carbon Capture Market: UK’s Funding Boost for CCUS Deployment

14:30 – 14:50 | [Keynote] Developing a World-class Carbon Management Sector: Canada's National Strategy for CCUS

14:50 – 15:10 | [Keynote] A Major Step towards Net Zero: Porthos CCS Project Roadshow

15:10 – 15:30 | [Keynote] CCUS Investment Roadmap: Challenges and Opportunities

Insights Brought to You by:

Amanda Wilson

Director General

Office of Energy Research and Development,Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Canada (NRCan)

Industry News:


Commission sets out how to sustainably capture, store and use carbon to reach climate neutrality by 2050

UK Budget 2024: Funding boost for hydrogen and CCUS manufacturing revealed



Chevron selects Fluor CCS tech for Californian site



First CO2 storage project in the Netherlands is launched

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